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Sports Champions™ 2 is a collection of sports games for the PlayStation® 3 Move motion controller. This Wiki describes the games, gameplay, competitions, scoring, trophies and other rewards, and anything else about Sports Champions 2.


Welcome to the Sports Champions 2 WikiEdit

This Sports Champions 2 Wiki is a collaborative website about the PS3® motion game. Anyone is welcome to contribute new material or make expansions or corrections to existing material.


About Sports Champions 2Edit

Sports Champions™ 2 is a 2012 sports game for the Playstation® 3's Playstation Move® motion gaming accessory, a sequel to the original Sports Champions PS3 game. It can be played by one player competing against simulated opponents of different skill levels, ot by two players competing against each other.

Sports Champions 2 is rated E10+ for everyone by the ESRB. A Playstation 3, Playstation Eye, and at least one Playstation Move controller is required to play. It is included in many Playstation Move packages, and sold separately. Released 2010 by Sony Computer Entertainment LLC.


Sports Champions 2 Games
  • Archery
  • Skiing
  • Bowling
  • Golf
  • Boxing
  • Tennis


Sports Champions 2 provides a video game simulation of six sporting events:

Golf is a simulation of a golf competition.
Boxing provides a simulation of boxing matches. (A player may use either one or two Move controllers to compete in Boxing.)
Archery provides a simulation of shooting various targets with bow and arrows. (A player may use either one or two Move controllers to play in Archery.)
Skiing provides a simulation of a Alpine Skiing event. (A player may use either one or two Move controllers for Skiing.)
Bowling provides a simulation of a Bowling match.
Tennis provides a simulation of a tennis match.


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